Chez N’ Ham (芝士火腿)

chez n ham

There simply aren’t enough good excuses to justify watching this movie. For my part, it popped up on my recommended list and I was hungry for a ham and cheese sandwich. I thought it would be about food, and my stomach apologizes. Far from being a delightful delicatessen romp, Chez N’ Ham is instead a crass excuse for its creative team to bring to life some of their more perverted fantasies. The movie fits nicely into that category of sexist, exploitative flicks that contemporary audiences will associate with auteur Wong Jing.

The general plot concerns a wealthy old man who hires two bumbling ex-cons to off his cheating, and much younger, wife (Joey Wong). However, Chez (Dickey Cheung) and Ham (Eric Tsang) are recruited not so much for their skills as assassins as they are for being mistaken as lovers. The crotchety husband reasons that if they are willing to engage in such “disgusting” acts, surely they will not object to killing someone.

And that’s just one item in a long list of offenses. Chez infiltrates the house after Joey mistakes him for a primary school boy. The device defies credibility and is barely funny, but it’s used mostly because it gives license for grown men to ogle and paw at breasts. The filmmakers don’t stop there though and top that trick by introducing a pedophile bodyguard (Ng Man-Tat) hired to protect Joey but who takes a greater interest in the beanie-wearing Chez.

Somewhere in this mix, the Ham of this miserable sandwich has a part. The two friends experience a sort of crisis of conscience as they don’t want to hurt the beautiful, naïve little Joey. But if we’re honest, it doesn’t really matter how he tries to aid his friend. Anyway, Blackie Ko shows up as a stone-faced killer to tie up loose ends. What you really need to know is that there are other movies out there, good ones, some of which even star this film’s actors. Support those instead.

Released: 1993
Alt Title: Chez N’ Ham Story; Curry and Pepper 3; 咖哩辣椒III
Prod: Joe Ma 馬偉豪; Blackie Ko 柯受良
Dir: Blackie Ko 柯受良
Writer: Philip Kwok 郭偉鐘; James Yuen 阮世生; Joe Ma 馬偉豪; Matt Chow 鄒凱光
Cast: Dicky Cheung 張衛健; Eric Tsang 曾志偉; Joey Wong 王祖賢; Ng Man-Tat 吳孟達; Sharla Cheung 張敏; Blackie Ko 柯受良; Nat Chan 陳百祥; Wu Ma 午馬; Shing Fui-On 成奎安; Jamie Luk 陸劍明; Kingdom Yuen 苑瓊丹; Michael Wong 王敏德; Joey Leung 梁榮忠
Time: 94 min
Lang: Cantonese
Country: Hong Kong
Reviewed: 2015