Lego: City (2011)

Lego: City makes no sense. It’s also really funny. A collection of six shorts bundled under one title, this series is one wacky cops and robbers chase after another. It follows three thieves as they break out of jail, steal some money, and get caught. Two of the shorts, “Money Tree” and “Gold Run,” are about a pair of old-timey crooks who do the same thing, except their thievery takes them outside the city limits.

What makes these mini-episodes so enjoyable is their goofy premise. No one talks; they just grunt and point. Apparently that’s enough to plan elaborate heists involving heavy machinery. It seems to hinder police work, however, as the officers can’t stop the bad guys from breaking out of their cell every damn day. They also never have a plan in place to catch the thieves nor are there any laws to make sure repeat offenders are securely locked away and separated from their co-conspirators.

Incompetency leads to some surprisingly elaborate Lego gags though. The possibilities are endless when your whole city is made of snappable bricks. My favorite short is “Rocket Cash” for its absurdity. The nameless thieves break out of their jail cell by strapping themselves to rockets they’ve hidden in the wall. When they’re finally cornered by the police, they make the most sensible getaway they can, via rocket into space. This leads the good men, and they’re all men, of law enforcement to gear up and blast off in their own rocket in pursuit. The one-time aerospace engineering major in me balks at the disregard for the laws of physics, but one-time film major in me delights in the visual playfulness.

I have to hand it to Lego for pulling off a great marketing campaign. They don’t need a feature length movie to push product. A few five minute shorts that show off their City sets is more than enough to make me want to throw some money in their direction. I’m definitely eyeing the Space Center, but since I’m short a couple hundred dollars (and it’s retired), I may go with something smaller from the Fire Brigade collection or the beach party set. Oddly, part of Lego’s City series include sets that you wouldn’t find in an actual city, hence the shorts that take place in the sticks. I’ve never found nature and plastic blocks to be all that compatible, and the non-city shorts aren’t as funny or creative, just straightforward narratives of pursuit on logging and mining equipment. But don’t be surprised if you still want to go out and buy a cartoony mine drill.

“Hot Chase”:

“Cash Splash”:

“Crooks Everywhere”:

Released: 2011
Dir: Peder Pederson
Cast: Lego people
Time: 26 min (“Hot Chase,” “Rocket Cash,” “Cash Splash,” “Crooks Everywhere,” “Money Tree,” “Gold Run”)
Lang: English
Country: United States
Reviewed: 2018