Last Vermont Christmas (2018)

Last Vermont Christmas is another unspectacular entry in the “save the family home” genre of Christmas films. Every year, Megan Marvin (Erin Cahill) and her two sisters go back to Woodstock, Vermont for the holidays. This year, however, their parents surprise them with the news that they’re going to sell the house and move to Sedona. Oldest sister Bethany (Rachel Rhodes-Devey) is ambivalent above the plans while youngest sister Audrey (Catherine Corcoran) is indignant, in part because she’s living at home having given up on her music dreams in Nashville. That leaves Megan to finesse the situation. She’s happy that her parents can now do some of things they’ve been putting on hold all these years, but she’s still disappointed to see their very large and handsome home put on the market.

That the potential buyer is her high school boyfriend complicates her feelings. Nash (Justin Bruening) has decided to forgo life in sunny southern California and return home to Vermont. Now he’s partnering with Lane (Chantal Maurice), a real estate agent, to buy and flip houses, the first of which happens to be the Marvin family home. Between supervising inspections and trying to get ideas for a remodel, Nash ends up spending a lot of time around his former girlfriend and her family. The more he takes part in their Christmas traditions, the more old memories and feelings flood back.

The movie is a pleasant watch, and I didn’t dislike it. It’s nice to see less familiar faces, and both Cahill and Bruening are a welcome change of pace, especially if you’re binging on holiday movies. Corcoran has good chemistry with Alan Pontes, who plays another old friend whom she enlists to thwart her parents’ plan. I doubt the movie is one you’ll want to revisit though. It’s perfectly ordinary, which is also to say it’s kind of boring. There’s nothing, not the story nor the characters nor even the house, to distinguish this film from the others Hallmark pumps out at this time of year. It’s really the same old same old done in the same old fashion. Megan has a good cry about the memories and her past – she’s also recovering from the death of her husband a few years back – but is buoyed by finding a Christmas tree, building snowmen, and making cookies with Nash and the rest of her family. You could have it in the background while you’re tackling your own holiday preparations, but you could also skip it entirely for something more fun and festive.

Released: 2018
Dir: David Jackson
Writer: Blaine Chiappetta
Cast: Erin Cahill, Justin Bruening, Samarah Conley, Catherine Corcoran, Rob Figueroa, Chantal Maurice, Jim O’Hare, Ann Osmond, Alan Pontes, Rachel Rhodes-Devey
Time: 76 min
Lang: English
Country: United States
Network: Hallmark Movies and Mysteries
Reviewed: 2019