Johnny Tang Siu-Chuen

Blind Romance (偷偷愛你)

blind romance

Wing (Tony Leung Chiu-Wai) finds out the hard way who his real friends are, and it turns out he doesn’t have any. When he and his wealthy father get in a devastating car accident that leaves Wing blinded, his half-brother (Johnny Tang) and step-mother take the opportunity to seize control of the family assets. Suddenly he is left without any cash and without his money-grubbing starlet girlfriend Chi-Sum (Lau Gam-Ling), who promptly leaves him for his brother.

You would think that someone as cool and genial as Tony Leung, or a character played by him, would have no shortage of pals to the rescue, but Wing seems to lack social aptitude, and the only people who stick by him are his uncle (Joe Junior) and Chi-Sum’s fawning assistant Tung Tung (Chingmy Yau). Except that Wing mistakes her for his private nurse Man Man, a somewhat manipulative situation that she’s okay with.

Tung Tung is actually the main character of the movie, and because she’s played by Yau, it’s easy to believe that she’s the charming girl next door who does everything right, including taking care of her brother (Eric Kot) and grandfather (Roy Chiao). But when it comes to Wing, Tony Leung he is so dazzling that she just can’t keep her shit together. Until she discovers that he cannot see, and suddenly the prospect of getting close to him seems realistic.

The movie tries to take the question of whether true love is blind to its literal conclusion, which is not as crafty a gimmick as it supposes. There is one moment of high romance (at about the 1’07” mark) that caught me unawares and set my heart alight, but mostly it’s slow burning embers. The romance between Tung Tung and Wing moves quickly and only makes up part of the film’s thesis. I’d rather it draw out that relationship and plant a few more bumps along their path. I’d also rather the movie not equivocate blindness with stupidity. But this movie is what it sets out to be – a tidy romantic comedy.

“Secretly Loving You” (偷偷愛你) by Tony Leung:

Released: 1996
Prod: Wong Jing 王晶
Dir: Victor Tam 譚朗昌
Writer: Not a Woman 不是女人
Cast: Tony Leung Chiu-Wai 梁朝偉; Chingmy Yau 邱淑貞; Eric Kot 葛民輝; Jay Lau 劉錦玲; Roy Chiao 喬宏; Johnny Tang 鄧兆尊; Dennis Chan 陳國新; Ha Ping 夏萍; Joe Junior; Pak Yan 白茵
Time: 99 min
Lang: Cantonese
Country: Hong Kong
Reviewed: 2014