Hong Kong

Looking for a movie? Try the following sites.

  • YesAsia – This site probably has the widest selection from the Asia region. If it’s not in their catalogue, it’s probably out of print. That said, they are crazy expensive. Their idea of a sale is knocking off a (US) dollar, which when you factor in shipping, is not that much. Movies that cost ~$4 USD in Hong Kong might cost $12 USD on YesAsia (for the same version).
  • HMV Hong Kong – Although HMV is considered expensive compared to the local DVD shops, it boasts a good selection and, if you’re ordering from overseas, is much easier on your wallet. There’s always a selection of low-priced DVDs from ~$4-7 USD. Shipping is also quite reasonable.
  • Hong Kong Records – If you are in Hong Kong, check out this local chain. They’re not as big as HMV and there are only 3 locations, but their Asian language stock is more dependable, and occasionally cheaper (by $1~6 USD).

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